magnetic photo frame with a black and white photo

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Inspirational Ideas

Use your photos to tell a story

On your fridge or Photowall try grouping together a few photos from the same event. Choose pictures to tell a story, give a feel for what you’ve done, show where you’ve been or what event you were at.

  • Where it was (wide angle/scenery/a sign)
  • Who was there (how people were dressed)
  • What people were feeling (close up of facial expressions)
  • Why you were there (holiday with friends, kids party, wedding etc)
  • A funny/quirky photo is great (e.g. holding up the leaning tower of Pisa or something you don’t see everyday)

In the “Snow Story” we’ve included wide angle/scenery photos, a sign of where we were, close ups of faces/expressions, our group and a quirky one of a fence made of skis.


By Life Stage

Depending what stage in life your at you may have different needs and uses for a Photowall.

  • Family with young kids – Start recording your family history now (before time gets away). Put a Photowall in your family room with space each side to add more photos in the coming years. Start a Photowall at one end of your hallway (or stair case) and add photos over time (in chronological order). Give your kids their own “section”, or let them start a Photowall in their room. HOT TIP - Start taking an annual family photo (e.g. Christmas day) and record your family over the years (take it in the same place to highlight the changes).
  • Kids have left home - Put up a Photowall to celebrate all the amazing times your family has had. Go through your old photos (you’ll enjoy it) and use the ones that make you laugh & smile to fill your Photowall.
  • Young, single and renting – Create a detachable Photowall and start collecting your favourite photos. You just need a sheet of metal and some removable tabs (3M makes some great ones). This way it’s easy to take down when you move out (take it down in a few minutes) and put it back up at your new place.
  • Have your own house or apartment – Put up a permanent Photowall. Have one down your hall and break it into 4 or 5 sections with each one representing a decade of your life.
  • Partnered up – Create a photo wall with a mix of photos, before you met and after you met, have photos on the edge from before you met, and when your are together in the middle.


Protect & save your photos

We recommend that you get in the habit of printing and displaying your favourite photos (rather than leaving them in digital format). Nowadays we take all our photos with digital cameras then store them electronically, if your computer crashes your photos may be lost forever!

Get in the habit of regularly reviewing your photos, when you find a “favourite” print it and and put it on display. A printed photo is “saved” in a safe physical format. Make it a routine to download > review > print > display your photos. Don’t leave it until it is too late ! Use your  photos to brighten up a room or wall. If you have kids you can use a Photowall to teach them the importance of keeping a visual history record, which will become an irreplaceable collection of images from their life.


Sharing your photos with friends & family

Get your favourite photos off facebook and get them on display at home. The ones you really love you can share with your friends (encourage them to start printing and saving their photos too). Send them a photo & a Fridgi in the post. Let your friends know  you’re building a Photowall so they might reciprocate and send you some awesome photos (that you might not have seen).


Go Black & White for dramatic impact

Create a stunning display with just 6 or 7 black & white photos. Get a modern, artistic look with just silver or just black frames.

Start small, Grow BIG

Photos are one of our most precious possessions. If you are not in the habit of printing & protecting your favourites start now. Put a small collection of your favourites on your fridge, as your collection grows put the latest ones up on the fridge and move the others to a Photowall (lounge room wall, hallway, stairway). It’s effortless with magnetic frames. Over time you will create a irreplaceable collection of photos.


Great colour combinations

A few well chosen frames can really brighten up a room

  • Go for impact with all silver frames, all black or all white frames
  • Dark blue & light blue frames look great together
  • Mix lime & light blue frames for an upbeat look
  • Aqua & light blue frames give your pics a fresh look


Relive your special moments

Create a Photowall with all your favourite events

  • wedding photos (in all silver frames)
  • honeymoon photos (in light blue)
  • baby photos (in pink frames)
  • holiday (photos in dark blue)
  • fancy dress party (in gold frames)


Display important Information

Write down all the phone numbers you might need in an emergency and put them in a bright coloured (orange)Fridgi on the side of your fridge, or use some Magic Mounts to put it on, or in a cupboard. Everyone in your house will know where they are in an emergency.

  • write a list of important numbers (Fire, Police, Ambulance, Doctor, nearest Hospital, poison help line, Dentist, Plumber, Electrician, Taxi, School, Neighbors, Relatives, Family and close friends – work & mobile).
  • school timetables or chore schedules
  • invitations to upcoming events
  • shopping lists
  • bills

A Fridgi is just as useful for displaying a sheet of paper (for displaying larger sized sheets of paper A4, A3, letter, legal you can use our sister product “Sheet Ezi – The easiest way to frame a sheet of paper”. Visit


Ways to use Fridgis by Room

There many places that you can put up some photos & frames


  • Fridge
  • Cupboard Door
  • Display photos, emergency information, weekly schedules, school timetables.

Family Room

  • above the couch
  • floor to ceiling
  • between a bookcase
  • in a corner

Hallway or Stairway

  • between doorways
  • chronologically down the hall
  • broken into section (by decades, holidays, events, each family member has their own)


  • Mirror (a few on the side or surround the whole mirror)
  • Wardrobe
  • Above the bed head


  • Filing cabinet
  • Wall or whiteboard
  • Cubicle Partition (a magic mount panel will stick to a material panel)


Inspirational Layouts

There are a Fridgillion ways to lay out your photos.

magnetic photo frame holding a holiday picture magnetic picture frame with a family photo magnetic frame with grandparents magnetic photo frame with a photo of a happy kid magnetic photo frames for wedding photos mangetic photo frames to hold display your black and white photos magnetic photo frames to frame all your very favourite photos