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“I really like my fridgi frames. I wasn’t sure what to expect but they look great and the quality is very high. They are a fabulous idea!”
Kate bought 6x4 & 8x6 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"I am very happy with my Fridgi photo frames which look very stylish on my fridge & filing cabinet & will defiantly recommend them to my friends! Thank you”
Jan bought 12 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"The photowall looks great and I’m really happy with the final result. Thanks for the earlier email with the attachments with layout suggestions of the photos on the photowall. This was very useful”
Edmund bought 70 Fridgi Flexi Frames for a Photo Wall

“Dear Fridgi team, Our order was perfect in every way. It was easily ordered, the product delivered promptly and the product 100% met my expectation. Many thanks”
Athena bought 25 Fridgi Flexi Frames

“Very happy – love them and have had lots of positive comments from visitors I will pass on your details!!!”
Lisa bought 10 5x7 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"Thanks for the follow up, all I can say is the frames look great on the fridge and great service”
Laura bought 8 Fridgi Tough Frames

"Great products, thank-you! I’m loving filling up my fridge”
Katrina bought 25 Fridgi Flexi Frames

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Nicola bought 5 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"Am absolutely delighted with my Fridgi, and can see myself ordering more in the new year”
Robyn bought 20 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"We have recently moved in to a new home with magnetic walls so this is a perfect product for our needs, thanks”
Bec bought 30 6x4 & 5x7 Fridgi Flexi Frames

“Our kitchen has a new look with all the Fridgis on our fridge. What a brilliant idea! ”
Anthony bought 25 Fridgi Tough Frames

"All good! They are great, exceeded our expectations, so that’s always a bonus! Keep up the good work is all we can say, and we will be back. Cheers, Brenda”
Brenda bought 75 6x4 & 5x7 Fridgi Flexi Frames

“Thanks Fridgi Team, our Photowall is awesome! It was easy to put up & fill with photos. All our friends want one now ”
John bought 100 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"Everything was perfect – the frames arrived super quick & now the fridge is looking a lot more organised! Thanks for such an awesome product & such great service”
Chris bought 10 Fridgi Tough Frames

“I loved the Fridgi magnets – thought the service was smooth and prompt and will be ordering some more soon. The look fantastic on our fridge”
Carolyn bought 25 Fridgi Flexi Frames

“Hi There, Very pleased with my Fridgis, thank you! My hubby has banned me from buying more as I could go on for ever! Getting very good response from all who see them – I always point them in your direction!”
Sue bought 40 Fridgi Flexi Frames & Magic Mounts

"Hi Fridgi team, This was my third order in as many years, the frames and service are still exceptional, keep up the good work”
Di bought 10 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"Received the frames no problem – they look great on our fridge and are a lovely addition to the fridgi frames we already have. Many thanks for your assistance – a great shopping experience”
Vivien bought 8 Fridgi Tough Frames

Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames

Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frames on a fridge
A simple and stylish way to frame your photos. Fridgis are a modern, high quality magnetic photo frame.

Put a Fridgi on your fridge

Or any other flat surface

If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will – You can put Fridgis up on your fridge or filing cabinet. Not magnetic? then use a Magic Mount>> and you can put a Fridgi on flat surfaces like a wall, cupboard, mirror or stainless fridge.

Create a Photo Wall

You can also use Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames to create a Photowall>> in your home. They are easy to put up, your photos look great and they are protected in the stylish frames. Your photos lift your mood, so put some up at home and work.


Silver Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames on FridgeYou can put Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames on your fridgeMagnetic Photo Frames on a fridge doorLots of Magnetic Photo Frames on a fridge doorLots of Silver Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames on a fridge doorYou can put Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames on a cupboard or a Photo Wall6 Cupboard with Magnetic Photo Frames8 Fridgi Photowall with Magnetic Photo Frames


Put a few photos up on your fridge.

Put a lot of photos up on your fridge.

Put some up on a cupboard or a wall.

Turn any blank wall into a display of your photos

It you have lots of photos (or some big ones) you can create a Photo Wall on a wall in your home! It is easy to do with Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames. See our Magnetic Photo Frame Inspiration Gallery>> for lots of examples of how you can use Fridgis in your home.


A Fridgi Photo Wall adds colour, warmth & personality to a room. It’s easy to do with some Fridgis. You can have a Photo Wall floor to ceiling in your lounge, above your couch, down your hallway, up your stairs or at the entrance way to your home.

Putting up a Fridgi is easy

Watch our short video to see how easy it is to put a Fridgi on your fridge, and how easy it is to create a photo display on your fridge.

There are 2 styles of Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames

Flexi & Tough – The difference is a Flexi Frame is designed to flex, it can attach to curved or flat fridges, a Tough Frame is thicker and will not easily bend (it’s twice the thickness) it’s suitable for flat fridges. Both are made from a single piece of clear plastic that completely covers a photo. Both have 4 magnets on the back. They are very easy to use>>.


Fridgi Flexi v Tough Magnetic Photo FramesFridgi Flexi v Tough Magnetic Picture FramesFridgi Flexi v Tough Magnetic Frame ThicknessFridgi Flexi v Tough Magnetic FramesFridgi Tough-vs-Flexi Front ViewFridgi Tough-vs-Flexi Rear View

Fridgis are a high quality Magnetic Photo Frame>> See what past customers have said>>. A Flexi is made of (1mm/0.04″) thick plastic, it’s lighter and more flexible (it’s not floppy), the framing border is (14mm/0.55″) wide. A Flexi costs less. A Tough is made of thicker (2mm/0.08″) plastic, it won’t flex much at all. Toughs have a wider framing border (18mm/0.70″). Both work well on flat surfaces (fridge, cupboard, Photo Wall). For slightly curved surface (curved fridges) we recommend using Flexi magnetic photo frames.

Fridgi Flexi ( Magnetic Frames – 5 sizes & 3 colours

The latest generation Fridgi Frame – Slim & flexible for curved and flat surfaces. Great for flat or curved fridges and Photo Walls. Flexis are available for 5 popular photo sizes, for 6×4, 5×7, 6×8, 10×8 & 4×4 (instagram) sized photos. Flexis are available in Silver, Black & White. Fridgi Flexi Info Page>>


Fridgi Tough | Magnetic Frames – 2 sizes & 12 colours

The Original thicker Fridgi Frame (twice as thick as Flexi) – For flat surfaces. Great for flat fridges and Photo Walls. Toughs are available for 2 popular photo sizes, for 6×4 & 5×7 sized photos. Toughs are available in Silver, Black & White & 9 other bright colours. Fridgi Tough Info Page >>

magnetic photo frame holding a valentines day gift photo

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