Magnetic Picture Frames 8x10

8x10 magnetic photo frames are the biggest size available for a fridge. You can’t fit too many of them on the fridge but they do make a great centrepiece if you have one great photo you want to standout. You can put the 8x10 frame in the middle of the fridge & surround it with other smaller magnetic frames.

  • 8x10 is a great sized frame if you have one photo you want to be the centrepiece of the fridge
  • 8x10 are large & you can only fit a few on the fridge
  • The magnetic picture frames make it easy to have your photos either vertical or horizontal
  • Try have one 8x10 & a mix of sizes on the fridge including 4x4, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8
Fridgi makes a range of Magnetic Photo Frames>> that make it easy to put a few of you favorites on the fridge. There are 2 styles Fridgi Flexi Frames>> & Fridgi Tough Frames>> that are available on a range of sizes & colours. If you order 10 frames we will Print Your Photos FREE>>