Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames

Flexi The latest version of our Magnetic Photo Frames. Flexible to suit Curved & Flat Fridges. Each Flexi Frame is made from a single panel of (0.04in/1mm) thick plastic, it’s clear, strong & shatter proof. You can place them vertically, horizontally or any angle in between.

  • One piece – Covers & protect a photo
  • 11 times stronger than glass
  • Flexible (not floppy)
  • Will flex to the curve of a fridge door
  • 4 strong magnets on the back

5 Sizes – 4x4, 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, 10x8

The 5 most common photo sizes 4x4, 6x4, 7x5, 8x6, 10x8 inch. The Frame Size denotes the size of the photo it frames

3 Colours – Metallic Silver, Black, White

The framing border is  (0.5in/14mm) wide around the edge of the Flexi Frame

Flexi Frame Prices

4×4 Flexi £3.99 ea   (£3.48 ea in a 25 Pack)
6×4 Flexi £4.99 ea   (£4.36 ea in a 25 Pack)
5×7 Flexi £5.99 ea   (£5.24 ea in a 25 Pack)
8×6 Flexi £6.99 ea   (£6.12 ea in a 25 Pack)
10×8 Flexi £8.99 ea   (£7.88 ea in a 25 Pack)

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames - Flexi Fridge Set 23

Buy in Packs & Save

6 Pack Save 5%
12 Pack Save 7%
18 Pack Save 10%
25 Pack Save 12%

Buy in multi-frame packs & save

Each frame pack comes shrink-wrapped with an information insert. The frames in the multi-packs come with an easy peel protective film on each frame, this protects the frames during shipping and is easily peeled off before use. Please note the number of frames that will fit on a fridge will be dependent on the size of your fridge.

Flexi Magnetic Frame Fridge Sets

Take the guesswork out of arranging your frames – We’ve curated Sets of Frames to create a stylish display of photos & frames for your refrigerator. Our fridge is mid size (the top door is 39x27in / 990x690mm) & each set fits on it.

Fridgi Flexi Frame Sets

Flexi Frame Dimensions

4x4 Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame holds a 4x4in (100x100mm) photo
External Frame dimensions 4.8x4.8in (122x122mm).
6x4 Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame holds a 6x4in (150x100mm) photo
External frame dimensions 6.8x4.8in (172x122mm).
7x5 Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame holds a 7x5in (175x125mm) photo
External frame dimensions 7.8x5.8in (199x148mm).
8x6 Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame holds a 8x6in (200x150mm) photo
External frame dimensions 8.8x6.8in (223x172mm).
10x8 Flexi Magnetic Photo Frame holds a 10x8in (250x200mm) photo
External frame dimensions 10.8x8.8in (274x223mm).

Putting them up is Easy

Putting up a magnetic frame is easy

It only takes a few seconds to put a Fridgi Magnetic Frame on a metallic / ferrous surfaces. If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will. Some stainless fridges are non-magnetic & magnets won’t stick to them.

Magnetic Picture Frames on a fridge, filing cabinet, wall, kitchen & factory


Watch the Video to see how easy it is to put your favorite photos on the fridge.

Flexi vs Tough

There are 2 styles of Magnetic Photo Frames, the Flexi & the Tough. The Flexi Frame is made with a thinner plastic panel and will “flex”  to take the shape of a curved fridgi (it’s flexible – not soft or floppy). The Tough Frames are twice as thick (& will not flex much) they are more suited to flat fridges.

Flexi Frames Tough Frames are both made from a single piece of clear, strong, glass like plastic that completely covers & protects a photo. Both have 4 strong magnetic strips on the back to hold the frame in place on the refrigerator. The Flexi is thinner (to flex), uses less materials & costs approx 20% less.