Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frames

Tough The “Original” Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frame. Made of thicker plastic for Flat Fridges (it will attach to a slightly curved Fridge). Each Tough Frame is made from a single panel of (0.08in/2mm) thick plastic, it’s clear, strong and shatter proof. You can place them vertically, horizontally or any angle in between.

  • One piece – Covers & protect a photo
  • 11 times stronger than glass
  • Not very flexible (just a bit)
  • 4 strong magnets on the back

2 Sizes – 6×4 & 7×5

The 2 most popular photo sizes 6x4 & 7x5 inch. The frame size denotes the size of the photo it frames

12 Colors – Metallic Silver, Black, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Aqua, Purple, Pink, Red, Yellow, Lime, Orange

The colored framing border is (0.7in/18mm) wide around the edge of the frame.

 Tough Frame Prices

6×4 Tough £5.99 ea   (£5.20 ea in a 25 Pack)
5×7 Tough £6.99 ea   (£6.00  ea in a 25 Pack)

Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frames - Tough Fridge Set 18 Rainbow

Buy in Packs & Save

6 Pack Save 5%
12 Pack Save 7%
18 Pack Save 10%
25 Pack Save 12%

Buy in multi-frame packs & save

Each frame comes individually shrink-wrapped & has an information insert included. Please note the number of frames that will fit on a fridge will be dependent on the size of your fridge.

Tough Magnetic Frame Fridge Sets

Take the guesswork out of arranging your frames – We’ve curated Sets of Frames to create a stylish display of photos & frames for your fridge. Our fridge is mid size (the top door is 39x27in / 990x690mm) & each set fits on it.

Fridgi Tough Frame Sets

Tough Frame Dimensions

6x4 Tough Magnetic Frame holds a 6x4in (150x100mm) photo
External Frame dimensions 7.1x5.1in (180x130mm).
7x5 Tough Magnetic Frame holds a 7x5in (175x125mm) photo
External frame dimensions 8.1x6.1in (207x157mm).

Putting them up is Easy

Putting up a magnetic frame is easy

It only takes a few seconds to put a Fridgi Magnetic Frame on a metallic / ferrous surfaces. If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will. Some stainless fridges are non-magnetic & magnets won’t stick to them.

Magnetic Picture Frames on a fridge, filing cabinet, wall, kitchen & factory


Watch the Video to see how easy it is to put your favorite photos on the fridge.

Flexi vs Tough

There are 2 styles of Magnetic Picture Frames, the Flexi & the Tough. The Flexi Frame is made with a thinner plastic panel and will “flex”  to take the shape of a curved fridge (it’s flexible – not soft or floppy). The Tough Frames are twice as thick (& will not flex much) they are more suited to flat fridges.

Flexi Frames Tough Frames are both made from a single piece of clear, strong, glass like plastic that completely covers & protects a photo. Both have 4 strong magnetic strips on the back to hold the frame in place on the refrigerator.