On The Fridge Made Easy

Just place the photo on the back of the magnetic frame & place it on the fridge - its that easy

Place a photo on the back (within the 4 strips)
Place it on the fridge (done)
It’s that easy !

Your photo is framed & covered. The magnetic frames attach firmly & can go horizontally, vertically or any angle in between. A Fridgi will stick to metallic/ferrous surfaces. Put them on suitable metallic / ferrous surfaces – Fridges, Filing Cabinets, Metal Wall Panels, Metal Lockers & Magnetic Paint. Some stainless fridges are non-magnetic & magnets won’t stick.

There are lots of places to put a frame - If a magnet will stick to it a Fridgi will

Each Frame attaches independently so you can layout your frames however you like. Create a unique display on your Fridge. With multiple Frame Sizes the layout possibilities are endless !

Get started today & frame some photos on your fridge


Fridgi – High Quality Magnetic Photo Frames

Our specialty is making Magnetic Photo Frames (we’ve been doing it for over 25 years). Our frames are different to other magnetic frames (they’ve been patented) and made from quality components to last many years. Mum still has some of the originals on her fridge !

Find out more about what goes in to making Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames ?

We put a lot of effort into making high quality Magnetic Photo Frames as we want them to last for many years. We don’t believe in a now common manufacturing technique of making cheap, low quality, short lifespan products. We don’t like this style of manufacturing as it waste resources, many products are made (and thrown away) when one well made one would have been done the job. Our frames are not the cheapest, if you want cheap, low quality frames Fridgis are not the frame for you.

We want our frames to be Great! Our goal is to make the Worlds Best Magnetic Photo Frame!

In Design (the patent office agreed and awarded us some patents & design registrations),
In Materials &
In Manufacturing.

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1) Design

Fridgis are designed to be stylish, easy to use, to protect a photo, and to be affordable.
Fridgis are different to other magnetic frames in many ways (see the comparison graphic below)

  • Fridgis are flat, smooth and glass like in appearance. Our frames are made with strong high quality plastics. Other frames are made of soft flimsy materials that can ripple, distort, tear and break easily.
  • Fridgi Magnetic Frames completely cover a photo. Some magnetic frames have the middle cut out so the photo is exposed and subject to damage.
  • Fridgis have a framing border. Some magnetic frames have no border so the photo looks unbalanced in the frame
  • Fridgis have 4 magnets so photos can be displayed in any position. Some other magnetic frames can only hold a photo in either portrait or landscape, any change in angle will cause the photo to fall out.
  • It’s easy to change a photo. Other magnetic frames, particularly “pocket” frames are difficult to use and can damage a photo when it it is being put in or taken out of the pocket.

2) Materials

We use high quality materials, using cheaper material is a compromise in quality and durability that we are not prepared to make.

  • Fridgi Magnetic Frames use high quality, high clarity, UV stabilized plastics. Cheaper frames wont and will change colour and become brittle over time.
  • Our magnets come from one of the oldest magnet manufacturers in the US. We have tested lots of magnets, from lots of suppliers, in lots of different countries, none were as good as the US made magnets. It was the most expensive but we want our frames to stay up for a long time.
  • The framing border on a Fridgi Photo Frame is painted onto the rear of the frame using a patented technique. We use paint because it makes the framing border look better, the colours are brighter and it’s opaque, so the edges of a photo are hidden. We apply over 12 layers of paint to every Fridgi Tough & Flexi Magnetic Frame. If you want a true metallic finish, like Silver, the only way to achieve this is with a painted border. Cheaper frames print the border, with a single layer of ink, which is often translucent so the edge of the photo and magnets can be seen through the border.
  • We use premium grade paint for vivid colours and durability. For example the Silver we use comes from Dulux, it is the same paint that is used on cars – it is tough and durable! We caused a bit of a stir when we we told them we wanted to paint magnetic photo frames. They said it might be a bit of overkill, we disagreed.

3) Manufacturing

We manufacture in house. This allows us to closely monitor quality. One of our (many) quality control steps is the simple question “is it good enough for mum” if it’s not we won’t sell it.

We do not believe in sending our manufacturing to where labour is cheap and children are forced to work in factories. If you are buying a cheap magnetic photo frame it has most likely been sourced from a country where cheap labor, children and workers are exploited to keep manufacturing costs down. We do not agree with this so we manufacture ourselves. Our main factory is in Sydney, Australia.

We do work hard at developing manufacturing processes that are fast, efficient, safe and minimise waste and energy consumption so as to keep costs down on our Magnetic Photo Frames.

Compare Fridgi Frames to other frames

There are many different types of magnetic frames available, none of them have the combination of simplicity and high quality that a Fridgi does.

A Fridgi completely covers and protects your photo with out putting any pressure on the surface of the photo that can lead to dame. Most other fridge frames put pressure on the surface of the photo causing damage. Die cut frames leave the whole front of the photo exposed to finger prints & damage

A Fridgi is made from a single piece of plastic that holds its shape (the Flexi will bend to fridges shape but it is not floppy). Most other fridge frames are made of thin, floppy, low quality plastic

A Fridgi has 4 magnets on the back so that you can place it at any angle, most other frames have openings at 1 or 2 ends so the photo can fall out. A Fridgi uses high grade magnetic strips to give a strong grip (the first ever Fridgis are still on my Mums fridge – over 20 years). Most other magnetic frames use low quality magnet, in fact many die cut frames fall off the fridge as they use a thin magnet that overlayss the photo, this cause it to come off over time

Our Guarantee

We believe we make the best value and best functioning one piece Magnetic Photo Frames available. There are cheaper alternatives but they don’t protect a photo like our patented frames do, nor are they made of the same high quality materials.

We understand that if you have never seen our frames before you may be skeptical about our claims, we would be too. We also understand that if you are buying over the internet you can never be sure of the quality or description. We want happy, satisfied customers not disappointed ones so we have a Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee. We have been in business for over 20 years and have hundreds of thousand happy customers as a result.

The Fridgi Guarantee – If you order online from us and then don’t agree that we make the best value and best functioning one piece magnetic frame on the market we will take them back and refund you the cost of the frames – All you need to do when your order arrives is to open just one of the frames, inspect it, test it, and decide. If you don’t agree with us and want to return the frames to us please let us know immediately, we will want to find out why, so we can improve the frames, and organize for you to return all the frames to us, you will need to return the one opened frame and all the unopened ones, including any bonus or free frames that were included in your order. You will need to return them in the condition and packaging they arrived in, upon receipt of the undamaged and unopened frames we will refund what you paid for the frames. The guarantee covers all orders made from this web site, it does not cover any freight charges for delivery to you or their return to us. All claims must be made within 10 days of the invoice date.