Photo Magnets

Photo Magnets are a great way to display your favorite photos on your fridge. Photo magnets make it easy to put your favorite photos on display on your fridge.

The Best type of Photo Magnets

  1. Cover & Protect the photo on display (they don’t have the middle cut out & leave the delicate surface of the picture exposed)
  2. Have a Plain Border so that the picture is the focus of attention & not the pattern or ornamentation around it
  3. Have a Solid Body (not floppy) that will protect & support the shape of the photo


Fridgi make a range of very high quality magnetic photo frame photo magnets

  1. They are made from a Single Piece of Plastic (so they cover & protect a photo)
  2. Have a Plain Border around the frame (Metallic Silver, Black, White & 12 bright colors)
  3. Have a Solid Plastic Body (that looks like glass but is 11 times stronger)

Put some photos on your fridge with photo magnets

If you want to put some photos on your fridge Fridgi Magnetic Frames are the Photo Magnets to use.

Simple, Stylish, High Quality Magnetic Frames in a range of popular photos sizes. For 4x4, 6x4, 5x7, 6x8, 10x8 photos.

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