Photo Printing

We’ve made it easy to get your photos off your phone & into a Frame (Wall or Fridge) with our FREE Photo Printing Offer

Get Photos for your Frames printed for FREE

Order 10 or more Fridge Frames & we’ll print the photos to go in the Frames
Enter the coupon FREEPHOTOS when completing your order (so we know to hold your order)
You then have 24 hours to find the photos you want & to upload them for us to print
Upload your Photos within 24 Hours via the PhotoUploader below (you’ll need your order number)
We’ll print the photos to fit your frames & put them in with your order. We use an EPSON Fine Art Professional Photo Printer, your photos printed onto Premium 260gsm Lustre Photo Paper using Archival Pigment Inks.

Please Note: Photos must be uploaded within 24 hours of your Frame purchase, after 24 hours the FREE print offer lapses & your Frames will ship without any Photo Prints.

When you have your photos just enter your order details & upload your photos below. Once they are uploaded just hit the SEND PHOTOS button at the bottom of the page (Please Note it can take a few minutes for the file transfer and the confirmation to come back).

Uploading your photos is easy with the PhotoUploader

1 – You need to upload your photos in one session (it’s easy). It’s best to collect all you photos and have them together for upload. Grab copies of your favorite photos from your (phone, laptop, pc, cloud, partner, friends, family) and put them together in a single folder on a single device (we recommend your laptop or pc – not your phone).

We recommend image resolution of 300dpi, for example a 5x5inch photo will need to be 1,500pixels x 1,500pixels. In simple terms about 1MB is the smallest photo size to create a good print, the maximum we will upload is 5MB

2 – Open up this page on the device that has the copies of your photos, input your details and then just drop the photos into the Photo/Image File Upload area below. We recommend that you do this from your laptop or pc as it is will normally be faster than a phone and it will be easier to drop all the photos into the uploader in one hit go (not a file at a time)

3 – Once all your files are in the uploader area (thumbnails showing) hit the upload button. The progress bars will show you how the uploads are progressing. When it is finished (this can take several minutes and will depend on file size, number of images & your internet speed)

4 – When the uploader is finished you can then use the optional Photo Size notes box to let us know which files to print at which size. If you don’t the PicTweak team will take a best guess to match prints to frames.

5 – Once all that is done hit the button, this can take a upto 60 seconds to process and confirm the upload so please be patient.

DONE  – now we get to work getting your photos printed, added in to your order and on its way to you. It can take upto 3 days to complete the prints (to let the dry completely) and get your order on its way.

Photo Uploader