Get your Photos printed FREE !

Just order 10 or more frames & you qualify for FREE photo printing.
We’ll print your photos & send them with your frames!

You have 24 hours to upload your photos for us to print & send them with your frames (The Photo Uploader is below). You must use the coupon code FREEPHOTOS when you place your order (enter it in the Cart or Checkout). When the coupon code is used we will then hold your order for 1 extra day so you have time to find & upload your photos for printing. Please Note the offer expires after 24 hours.

FREE Photos Info

Just order 10+ Fridgi Frames we will print the photos for your frames for FREE!

All you need to do is order 10+ frames and enter the coupon FREEPHOTOS during Checkout

You then have 24 hours to decide which photos you want to upload for printing & to be added in to your order

You don’t have to rush you have 24 hours. When you enter the coupon we know you will be sending some photos so we hold your order for 1 extra day. If you have not uploaded your photos after 24 hours the FREE photo offer is void and we will ship your frames without any photos.

The number of images should equal the number of frames ordered – it’s the maximum we’ll print. If you have ordered a variety of different sized frames you can specify which photos to print for the different sized frames ordered (do this in the upload notes or by adding the size as a suffix to the file-name of the image file eg IMG1234size6x4.jpeg. If you don’t specify don’t panic the pro’s at PiciTweak will use their judgement (they are pretty good)

After you have uploaded your photos please allow another 3 days for printing & curing of your photos before we ship them.

We use PiciTweak to process & print your photos.
PiciTweak turn your digital photos into prints that “pop” when framed. Most photos are now taken with digital cameras and phones, These are digitised to look great on screen (but no so great when printed). What PiciTweak does is “tweak” your digital photos so that they look great when printed and framed. How a photo looks on your screen is very different to how it look when printed. Screens have a light source behind which makes the photos a lot brighter than if they are viewed as a print (with no back lighting). Prints rely on reflected ambient light as their light source. As a result a printed photo will often look a duller than when it was viewed on a screen or monitor.

PiciTweak uses real people to tweak your photos so that it looks great when printed and framed. The photo tech will check and tweak the brightness, contrast, exposure, dynamic range and colours to liven and brighten up your photos for printing & framing.

Please Note
If you do not upload your photos in the 24 hour period the FREE Photo offer will expire and we will ship your frame order without any photo prints.
If you upload more photos than frames in your order we will only print the same number as frames ordered.
For orders with different sized frames – If you do not tell us which photos are to be printed at which size we will make a subjective guess so that you have photos to fit your frames. You can rename the photo files with a suffix for the size or tell us in the upload notes.
The FREE photos are optional and they are FREE therefore they are not returnable or refundable.
All recipients of FREE Photos will be automatically added to our Newsletter. It comes out 3 times a year with tips, ideas, articles & discounts. If you don’t want to be on the Newsletter mailing list just send us an email after your order arrives letting us know and we will remove you from the list, you can also click on the link in any newsletter to be removed from the list.


Tips for Uploading your Photos

Uploading your photos is easy with the Photo Uploader

1 – You need to upload your photos in one session (it’s easy). It’s best to collect all you photos and have them together for upload. Grab copies of your favorite photos from your (phone, laptop, pc, cloud, partner, friends, family) and put them together in a single folder on a single device (we recommend your laptop or pc – not your phone).

We recommend image resolution of 300dpi, for example a 5x5inch photo will need to be 1,500pixels x 1,500pixels. In simple terms about 1MB is the smallest photo size to create a good print, the maximum we will upload is 5MB

2 – Open up this page on the device that has the copies of your photos, input your details and then just drop the photos into the Photo/Image File Upload area below. We recommend that you do this from your laptop or pc as it is will normally be faster than a phone and it will be easier to drop all the photos into the uploader in one hit go (not a file at a time)

3 – Once all your files are in the uploader area (thumbnails showing) hit the upload button. The progress bars will show you how the uploads are progressing. When it is finished (this can take several minutes and will depend on file size, number of images & your internet speed)

4 – When the uploader is finished you can then use the optional Photo Size notes box to let us know which files to print at which size. If you don’t the PicTweak team will take a best guess to match prints to frames.

5 – Once all that is done hit the button, this can take a upto 60 seconds to process and confirm the upload so please be patient.

DONE  – now we get to work getting your photos printed, added in to your order and on its way to you. It can take upto 3 days to complete the prints (to let the dry completely) and get your order on its way.


Photo Uploader