Magnetic Photo Frames 4×4

Magnetic Photo Frames 4x4

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Frames are available in 4x4 size to hold a square 4x4 inch photo. Small so you can fit a lot on the Fridge.

4x4 Magnetic Photo Frames 

  • Great for all your Instagram Photos
  • Great for close ups of faces & people
  • Trim a 6x4 photos down to 4x4 photos (the ones where the subject is in the middle & their is empty/ugly space on each side)
  • You can put a lot of 4x4 frames up on a fridge
  • Try all one color for your frames (eg all Silver)
  • Try all black & white in your photos (B&W photos look great in Silver or Black frames)
  • Try leaving an equal amount of space the frames
  • Try leaving no space between the frames

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames >> come in 4 other sizes, for 6x4, 5x7, 8x6 & 10x8 inch Photos

Fridgi has been making Magnetic Photo Frames for over 25 years. They are high quality & come in a range of colours, sizes & styles so you can easily put your favourite photos on display at your home.

Coloured Magnetic Picture Frames on the Refrigerator

Coloured Magnetic Photo Frames on your Refrigerator

You are no longer limited to having a just silver, white or black frames on your fridge. Fridgi has a range of magnetic photo frames that come in 12 bright and funky colours. The Fridgi Tough range of magnetic frames comes in

We love the look of multiple colour layers and have created a rainbow set for your fridge door Fridgi Tough Rainbow 18 Set>>

Use the coloured magnetic frames to add a splash of colour (or colours) to your fridge to really brighten the look & feel of the kitchen. Go all one colour (your favorite or to match your kitchen decor). Alternatively you mix up the colours (randomly or in layers).

Find out more about our Magnetic Photo Frames. SIzes, colours, styles & prices. Fridgi Tough Magnetic Frames come in 12 colours.

You can use coloured magnetic frames to complement the colour of the decor in your kitchen. If your kitchen had a blue accent to its decor you could all blue frames on the fridge to match the rest of the kitchen.

You can use coloured magnetic frames to complement the colours of the photos. A blue frame will highlight and bring out the blues in a photo, either the background colours (eg blue sky) biggest object (eg blue car) or the subject (if they are in a blue outfit).

In our fridge photo we have chosen the photos colour to match the colour of the frame (click & zoom in to have a look). See how the orange frame has been used compliment the orange sky in the photo, or how the yellow frame has been used to highlight the person in the yellow shirt.

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