The best magnetic photo frames are not at boots

If you are looking for high quality magnetic photo frames you probably won’t find them at a pharmacist like boots. Fridgi on the other hand does one thing and that’s make magnetic frames. Fridgi has been making high quality magnetic photo frames for over 20 years.

The best magnetic photo frames are at Fridgi and not boots

Fridgi has a variety of high quality magnetic photo frames>> available in a range of sizes, colours & styles. Unlike a big volume retailer (who focuses on low cost) we focus on high quality. We make one thing – Magnetic Photo Frames. Our frames cost a little more than other magnetic frames but they make up for this with their very high quality. Fridgi has been selling magnetic frames in the UK for many years, we think they are the best quality magnetic frames available in the UK. Many of our customers have told us that they think Fridgi are the best looking & highest quality magnetic frames they have seen. The original Fridgis magnetic frames are still on the fridge in our factory after 20 years. Fridgi magnetic frames are designed & built to last for many, many years (not like the lower quality frames you will find in volume retailers).

Have look at the Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames>>  You’ll find a mix of colours & sizes that you won’t find anywhere else. The frames are simple & stylish and they look great on the fridge. We also offer FREE photo printing when you order 10+ frames, you won’t find that at boots.