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Time to get some photos onto your fridge. Don’t put in on the “TO DO LIST”. Get Started Today. Right Now!

Step 1 – Order Some Fridgi Frames Today


Order some Magnetic Frames from the Fridgi SHOP>>

Order 10 & we’ll print your photos FREE Photos>>

Buy the Frames individually, in multi-packs or as a Fridge Set.

Now you are committed lets go to Step 2

Magnetic Photo Frames in a Fridge Set on a fridge

Step 2 – Find Your Favourite Photos Today


Grab your Phone/Computer & find the photos you want to display


Look for photos

  • that make you feel good
  • that make you laugh & smile
  • that make you want to catch up with friends & family & do things (travel, adventure, something you love)

Get started before the day ends – the FREE Photo Printing is only valid for 24 hours. Copy your favourite photos into a folder/album for easy uploading & printing. See our Tips for Finding Your Favourite Photos is FUN>>

Young Kid holding up his favorite photo in a Magnetic Photo Frame
Four Magnetic Photo Frames on a White Fridge Door

Step 3 – When Your Frames Arrive

Just put’em on the fridge – So easy!

Putting silver Fridgi Magnetic Photo Frames onto a Fridge that is covered in magnetic frames

Now EVERY DAY when you go to the fridge you can have a FEEL GOOD moment when you look at the photos of the people, places & moments that bring you LOVE, JOY, FUN & HAPPINESS !

Use your photos to INSPIRE you to stay in touch with friends & family, to catch up more often, to do the things you love more often, to travel, to see the unknown, to set & reach new goals.

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